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New Year

I always make New Year's resolutions. Sometimes they stick, but mostly I'm frustrated with them by about January 10th. One of my favorite professors, Dr. Bernstein, told us that he used to make resolutions too, but would get frustrated and end up getting depressed and down on himself when he couldn't achieve his goals. He told us that a few years ago he changed his approach and made resolutions that A) were easily attainable and B) would make him feel good about himself. Last year, I believe his resolution was to use more colored paper when making copies. Another year it was to remind his students "Don't do drugs" at the end of every class. This practice taught me a valuable lesson (probably even more valuable than Advanced Political Socialization): Find the beauty in the small things in life. Sure, lofty goals are great, but sometimes, the little victories of everyday life are what give us strength to conquer the larger goals, and make us smile when the big battles seem overwhelming.

So here's to 2009: to smiling more, laughing more, taking more pictures and spending more time with people I love. And my New Year's resolution? To find one good thing about every day and write it down. Oh and to use more colored pens... Thanks Dr. B.


Almost DONE!!!!

Ok so I'm almost DONE!!!!!!
I have a paper about Bill and Hillary Clinton and their personalities due Friday, have to write up my research from my group presentation on gender and campaign finance last week and my Campaign Politics final on Tuesday.

Next semester looks awesome:

Digital Journalism Seminar with Tracy
Writing, Style and Technology Online with Krause
Political Analysis with Laverty
History of American Journalism with Pinson
Conceptual Sociology with Orrange (hopefully my future grad advisor!!!)

Super PUMPED...

This is the first semester that I didn't leave everything to the absolute last minute and am not really freaked out at all. So now finals feel like a cumulation of the semester instead of (F@&!* I Never Learned That S@#$%). Good feeling.


Aug. 16th, 2008



C'mon courage, teach me to be shy...

I finally get to see my baby tomorrow... I am so freaking excited you have no clue...
Only. one. more. day.

Jim and Pam

Is it sad that I was watching the Office with Meg tonight and I was almost as excited about Jim flashing Pam's ring as if it were for me... like seriously I was so excited it was ridiculous... time to get a life ::head desk::
Got Department approval for my Research Fellowship today!! One more selection committee and I'm in!!!

Writer's Block...

Article Review: 3 pages
Grant Proposal Draft for Bernstein: 14 pages
Grant Application for Sidlow: 5 pages
Relational Model Paper for Hill: 4 pages
Personal Evaluation Paper for Hill: 6 pages
Term Paper for Bernstein: 10 pages
Thesis Draft: 91 pages (and counting...)

Oh and Greg wants me to write up a year-end report for SG... 15 pages... Like that's gonna happen...


...is just a game... yeah, well the Grand Canyon is just a hole in the middle of the desert...


Check it out


This woman is HILARIOUS... and her blog is so amazing that so many people read it that she and her husband quit their jobs because they could live comfortably off the proceeds of advertising on the site... crazy awesome!!